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Course of the Month

June 2022 - Advanced Open Water Diver

This month, we are featuring our Advanced Open Water Diver course. This is a fun course, great for anyone that has an Open Water certification. Are you terrible at navigating back to the boat? Have you ever wanted to venture a little deeper to check out that cool wreck at 100ft? Do you want to learn a little bit about a couple different specialties of diving before picking one that you love to focus on? This course is for all of you. 

Advanced Open Water (or AOW) is for divers of all experience levels to get their feet wet in five different specialties. It includes one 'adventure' dive from each specialty, expanding your knowledge, allowing you to try new things, and helping you become safer and more comfortable in the water under the guidance of one of our amazing instructors. 

As part of this course you are required to do one deep dive and one navigation dive. The other three dives can vary. If there is one in particular that you want to try, speak with your instructor when you sign up. 

Besides the skills you learn in the course and the fun you will have, why take AOW? Some dive operators require divers to have this certification prior to participating in certain dives, particularly ones that involve going deeper (think North Carolina wreck or the Megalodon ledges), ones with stronger current, or blackwater dives. This course (or Adventure Diver with extra specialties added on) is required prior to taking some other courses, like the Deep Diver specialty or Rescue Diver, which is required if you want to become a Master Diver or Divemaster.


If you sign up with our staff to take this class with in person learning, the cost is $350. If you would prefer to take the knowledge development portion online, there is an additional charge.

For more information about this course, click here. Contact us today to register for this course!


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