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Consultation Diving

At times, a diver will come to Fluvanna Dive Center seeking help and focused training with regard to a certain skill or diving issue.  They don’t need ‘yet another course’, and they certainly don’t want ‘just another c-card’.  Their needs are particular, often specific.  Perhaps, they want to precisely optimize their weight and trim and, in doing so, significantly improve their buoyancy control.  Possibly, they want to create a true ‘balanced rig’.  Or, they want to learn how to ‘shoot a bag’, from depth – not just inflate a slender ‘safety sausage’ while laying on a platform, but really learn to deploy a variety of surface markers from a neutrally buoyant position, with minimal effort and depth deviation.

We regularly bring divers to our facility to use our (Indoor, heated) pool, to test gear for example, and that is always an option available to divers seeking assistance.  There may or may not be a fee, depending on the assistance requested.

But, what is often needed is an actual open water diving experience.  Fluvanna Dive Center is able to work with these individuals on a ‘one-on-one’ basis, at Lake Phoenix.  We call this Consultation Diving.  Either principal at FDC is available to go to Lake Phoenix with the diver, to spend an entire day (9AM – 4PM) working on whatever scuba skill or issue they want to address.  We plan the day's activities in advance, with the diver, based on the assistance requested.  The professional fee for this service is $125/day.  Divers provide their own basic scuba equipment and air supply, and pay their own admission to Lake Phoenix.  If specialized gear is requested, it may be available from FDC on a rental basis.

To learn more about our Consultation Diving offering, please call (434-981-2454), send us an email (, or contact us here.  We look forward to working with interested individuals to help them become safe, competent DIVERS.

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