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Rescue Diver

The PADI Rescue Diver course will change the way you dive – in the best possible way. Learn to identify and fix minor issues before they become big problems, gain a lot of confidence and have serious fun along the way.  You'll practice handling scenarios such as a leg cramp and assisting a tired diver by role-playing with other students and your instructor.


Skills you will learn: 

  • Help other divers

  • Fix minor gear issues

  • Use an emergency oxygen kit

  • Gain confidence in your diving

  • And more!

Diver Tow


  • Adventure Diver w/ Underwater Navigation Dive or Advanced Open Water Diver

  • At least 12 years old

  • EFR Primary and Secondary Care training (or qualifying training) within 24 months

  • Completed Diver Medical Form

Course Requirements:

  • Knowledge Development - This can be either in the classroom with us (our preferred method), or through eLearning. Contact us to discuss what option works best for you.

  • Open Water Sessions - This course requires skills and scenarios done in water. A good portion of the time will be spent on the surface, but some skills and scenarios are underwater. The water portion of the class normally takes 2 days to complete.

Cost: $350

     -- This cost includes in-classroom learning. If you prefer eLearning, there is an additional fee.

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