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About Us

Fluvanna Dive Center is your go-to place for Scuba Diving training in Central Virginia, located approximately 20 minutes from Charlottesville and 40 minutes from Richmond. We offer a wide range of both PADI and SDI/TDI courses, with options for training at all levels, from beginner dive classes, to advanced recreational dive courses for divers that want to learn more, and technical dive training for those divers ready to move to an entirely new level of diving experience.

Fluvanna Dive Center isn't just another dive store, we are a dive center.  

We promote excellence in dive education, and diving, that focuses on the student. We work with each student to achieve an outcome that is not based on time or cost, but on acquisition of skills that develop SAFE and COMPETENT divers.


Because we are a small, focused dive training operation, our instructors are able to provide intensive and specialized training not found elsewhere. They use their years of professional experience, both in diving AND in education, to make it a comfortable and safe experience.

We also run trips! Check out our "Trips" page to find out where we (and maybe you) are going next!


Our Team

Diver in Drysuit

Larry Antonacci

Larry Antonacci is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer.  He has 15+ years of diving experience and has been involved in diver education for over 10 years.  In addition to his participation in scuba training through Fluvanna Dive Center, he is the Director of Training for the Lake Monticello Water Rescue team and is involved in scuba education through CATEC (Charlottesville-Albemarle Technical Education Center).

William T. Sawyer

William Sawyer is a PADI Master Instructor and Technical Diving Instructor.  In addition, he holds extensive scuba instruction credentials through SDI/TDI (Scuba Diving International / Technical Diving International). He has 20+ years of diving experience and has been involved in diver education for over 13 years, during which time he has issued almost 600 diver certifications.  He is also a member of the Lake Monticello Water Rescue Team and is actively involved in scuba education in North Carolina as well as Virginia.

Diver in water
scuba instructor on boat

Shushawn Touryan

Shushawn is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer with a variety of different scuba diving experiences as well as nearly 10 years working as an instructor, dive leader, and trip organizer on numerous excursions. She has a passionate love for the ocean and believes that all scuba divers are ambassadors to our waterways and a voice for the creatures that live in them. She also believes that an exceptional diver is a safe diver, and that is what guides her instruction. She strives for excellence and produces divers who are strong, confident individuals both in and out of the water. 

Greg Zajac

Greg Zajac is a PADI Public Safety Dive Instructor and Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer withmore than 15 years of teaching experience. A former Lake Monticello Water Rescue Team (LMWRT)Training Officer, he is a LMWRT Life Member. Greg has worked as an EMT/Medic since 2003.

Scuba diver
scuba diver typing keyboard

Kristen Arriaga

Kristen Arriaga is a Divemaster and Paramedic. She is a former Public Safety Diver who now enjoys assisting with students and certified divers in her spare time. Kristen is the current Webmaster and is a newer dive professional with about 2 years of experience in diver education.

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