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Candy Cotton


Divers Alert Network (DAN):

  • Great information about diving health/safety. They do significant amounts of research about dive health and emergencies

  • They offer both dive and travel insurance. Dive insurance is particularly important to have in case something goes wrong. 


  • One of the certifying agencies for scuba diving.

  • Offer a variety of courses, including some that eLearning can be an option.


  • Another certifying agency. 

  • Particularly great for anyone interested in technical diving, but has non-technical and beginner courses too. 

Lake Phoenix:

  • A "local" quarry set up for scuba diving

  • You must complete a waiver, located herePRIOR to arriving. There is no ability to fill out the waiver on site. If you are a non-certified diver (you are currently taking your Open Water course), click "Non-Certified Divers." If you are a certified diver (either diving for fun or taking a course beyond initial certification), click "Certified Divers." Please fill out this waiver at least 24 hours in advance. The website is sometimes slow or down, so waiting until the last minute is not recommended. Phone service is poor at the quarry, so filling it out in your car upon arrival is difficult at best. 

  • If you are a certified diver, you must bring your certification card to show for entry.

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