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Boat Diver

If you love to travel, the Boat Diver Specialty course will prepare you to dive from small inflatables all the way up to large liveaboards. Learn how to enter and exit the water, use current lines and manage seasickness.


Skills you will learn: 

  • Pack for a boat trip

  • Properly stow your gear

  • Manage seasickness

  • Nautical terminology

  • Safety enter and exit the water

  • And more!


Course Requirements:

  • Knowledge Development - This can be either in the classroom with us (our preferred method), or through eLearning. Contact us to discuss what option works best for you.

  • Open Water Dives - This specialty requires a minimum of 2 dives.

Scuba gear on boat

Cost: $150

     -- This cost includes in-classroom learning. If you prefer eLearning, there is an additional fee.

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