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Dry Suit Diver

Unlike wetsuits, drysuits are filled with air. During your drysuit course, your instructor will teach you how to control the air in your drysuit along with your buoyancy. You'll learn how to comfortably and confidently dive in a drysuit. An experienced instructor will help you dial in your buoyancy and shorten the learning curve.


Skills you will learn: 

  • Avoid common drysuit diving problems

  • Choose a drysuit and undergarments

  • Care for your drysuit

  • Different types of drysuits

  • Maintain neutral buoyancy in a drysuit

  • And more!


Scuba Dry Suit

Course Requirements:

  • Knowledge Development - This can be either in the classroom with us (our preferred method), or through eLearning. Contact us to discuss what option works best for you.

  • Confined Water Dive - After knowledge development, you will complete one dive in our private pool prior to your open water dives.

  • Open Water Dives - This specialty requires a minimum of 2 dives. 

Cost: $150

     -- Please note, you must have your own dry suit for this course. This cost includes in-classroom learning. If you prefer eLearning, there is an additional fee.

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